Home Push Workout (Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps)

by Body Goods Nutrition Admin on October 05, 2021

5 rounds with a 60-90 second break between rounds

Standard Stance Push Up x 8

  • This will be in a standard, slightly wider than shoulder width push up position.
  • If unable to do a push-up go to your knees first, if you are unable to do push-ups on your knees put your hands on an elevated surface (couch, counter, table, etc.). If push ups are too easy you may elevate your legs or add weight to your back (backpack full of books, cats, dogs, rocks, whatever) and if that is too easy I would recommend doing handstand push ups against a wall.
  • Use a 4/2/1 tempo. This means it takes 4 seconds to come down, 2 second hold at the bottom, and 1 second to come up. Count in your head and keep it strict.

    Wide Stance Push Up x 10

    • Same progressions and regressions as above. Your stance does not have to be super wide but make sure it is wider than shoulder width and your previous stance.
    • Use a 2/0/2 tempo. 2 seconds down, 0 seconds at the bottom, and 2 seconds coming up

      Close Stance Push Up x 12

      • For a close stance push up we are trying to target the triceps more. Although it says close stance you do not need to ‘diamond’ push ups. These aren’t the best for your joint and it is best to come to shoulder width or slightly inside of shoulder width. When you go down on this push up you want your arms to touch your sides.
      • There is no set tempo for this exercise, just make sure the reps are controlled and you are getting the full range of motion

      Push Up AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)


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