Why Everyone Should Use A Preworkout

by Body Goods Nutrition Admin on October 05, 2021

If you are not taking pre workout then you are missing out on some serious benefits.

Pre workout isn’t only for those looking to get stimmed out and get an itchy and tingling feeling. Most use it to boost their performance in the gym and there is a pre workout for every goal out there, you just have to find the right one for you. Here are some benefits of pre workout that will help you find the right one for you and explain why they help you achieve your goal.


Energy in pre workouts usually comes from caffeine and other stimulants. The amount of caffeine you can tolerate is dependent on your weight. The amount of caffeine you can handle is found by multiplying half your body weight by 6, this is your upper limit of caffeine per 6 hours. There are exceptions to this rule and everyone is different. The best way to find what works for you is to start slow and then work your way up. In supplements you will usually find a wide array of caffeine amounts up to 400 mg. Caffeine is usually put into 3 categories, low stimulant about 100 mg, moderate 150-250 mg, and high stimulant 300-400 mg. If you can not tolerate any caffeine or have heart issues, there is still hope. There are now non stimulant pre workouts on the market that will still help give you energy and some other benefits down the list.

So how does more energy help me with my goals? When you have more energy, you will be able to go longer and harder in the gym, whether it be weightlifting or cardio. With weightlifting, you will be able to lift slightly more weight for more reps and sets, this means that you will get in a greater amount of overall volume which will build more muscle. That muscle is also more metabolically active meaning that it will burn more calories. For cardio, it will help you go faster and longer. This will mean that you will burn more calories and in turn burn more body fat.

Blood Flow

Pre workouts also contain ingredients that help with your “nitrogen retention” or “vasodilation”, both meaning that they will help with more blood flow. When you lift your blood will to that muscle because a working muscle needs more oxygen, this is called a “pump”. Some common pump ingredients are Citrulline, Arginine, Glycerol and Agmatine.

How does getting a pump help me with my goals? When your body has more blood flow and oxegyn going to the muscle it will be able to work longer. This means that you will get more reps, building more muscle, and you can do cardio for longer, burning more fat. It also helps with recovery. If there is more blood in a muscle that you just worked, the blood will carry amino acids and other nutrients to that muscle to begin the repair process, building more muscle.



Most pre workouts also come with “nootropic” ingredients. These are chemicals that stimulate your brain to help you with better cognitive function or focus. The main ingredients to look out for are Alpha GPC, L-theanine, L-tyrosine, lion’s mane mushroom, and Huperzine-A. There are other specialty ingredients that will give you better focus such as DMHA and DMAE, but those are only found in certain products, unlike the ones previously listed.

How does a focus help me with my goals? The extra focus in your workout will allow you to be more involved with your workout which most have found helps them work harder. You will spend less time on your phone and looking around and more time working out. This will lead to more muscle and fat loss. I have also found that the products that specifically focus on nootropics allow me to get a better workout because I am not over stimulated, and I can focus on the weights.


Specialty Boosts

There are tons of other “boosts” that can be added to your pre that will give you better results depending on your goals. For starters, some pre workouts contain “thermogenic” or ingredients that will help heat up your body, which will help you burn more fat. Some common thermogenics are Advantra Z, L-Carnatine, and paradoxine. For those trying to build muscle mass, products may contain things that will put your body in a more anabolic state so you can build more muscle. The common ingredients are creatine, Ashwaghanda (helps reduce muscle breakdown), D-Apartic Acid (or other test boosters), and Leucine (the amino acid responsible for turning on muscle building).

Now that we have a better understanding of what some of the main ingredients are in pre workouts and how they can help with our goals it is time to pick one up for yourself. We have a wide variety that you can check out here.


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