PEScience Protein 4 Oats
PEScience Protein 4 Oats
PEScience Protein 4 Oats
PEScience Protein 4 Oats
PEScience Protein 4 Oats
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    PEScience Protein 4 Oats

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    • Protein for Your Oatmeal!
    • The Easiest Way to Make PROATS
    • 20g Protein When Added to Oatmeal
    • Only 2g Sugar

    Tired of a boring breakfast?

    Wishing you could start your day with more protein? We've fixed all your breakfast troubles! Protein4Oats is the perfect solution to a high protein breakfast. Oatmeal already makes for a great way to start your day. It’s a quick, cheap, and nutritious whole grain. The downside? Oatmeal is low in protein, and boring on taste! Until now... You can go to the grocery store and pick up flavored oatmeal, but turn over the label and you will find it loaded with sugar, and still low in protein!

    20g Protein When Mixed With Oatmeal

    Protein4Oats is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
    1. Make your oatmeal however you like it. Old fashioned, steel cut, overnight, it’s up to you!
    2. Add in your favorite Protein4Oats flavor after your oatmeal is cooked
    3. Stir and enjoy!

    How's It Different?

    Regular protein is formulated and flavored to be drank as a protein shake. Protein4Oats has been specially formulated and flavored for oatmeal. It will blow away any regular protein in your oatmeal on both taste and texture. Select Protein is renowned for being an incredible tasting protein powder as a shake, in recipes, and is commonly added to oatmeal. However we believed we could make a dedicated oatmeal flavoring system that could blow it away. We agreed that unless we could make a flavor that is miles better than anything else we wouldn't even release this product. We can say with confidence that nothing comes close to Protein4Oats in oatmeal. PLUS, Protein4Oats uses a blend of whey and casein protein like Select Protein, in order to give you a spectrum of digestion rates and prolonged absorption.