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    Pull Out Any Excess Water & Get Ripped!

    • Eliminate Excess Water Retention
    • Get Lean, Ripped and Dry
    • Look Amazing for Your Contest or Event
    You’ve got a contest – or event – coming up and you need to get rid of that excess water retention that’s blurring your physique and hiding the detail and cuts you’ve worked hard to bring out –when you bring your best contest physique to the stage, you need to look lean, ripped, sculpted, and – dry! That means no excess water retention! As any seasoned bodybuilding competitor knows, subcutaneous water retention under the skin can easily knock you back a few placements, or, for those non-competitors that want to look your best for a special event, excess water can ruin your event or have you hiding from the beach instead of hitting it looking phenomenal and ripped! Get rid of every last drop of excess water and look your best with new VasoDry by MPA Supps! So what is VasoDry? It is an advanced water removal product that will pull any excess subcutaneous water out from under your skin due to various reasons, such as:
    • Excessive sodium consumption combined with low water consumption
    • Oral or topical yohimbine HCL which causes the release of anti-diuretic-hormones
    • Hormonal compounds not being stopped in time before your contest or event
    • Excess estrogen levels

    For optimal results, we suggest stacking VasoBurn with VasoDry:

    Use VasoBurn once you have begun to see fat-loss after a few weeks of steady dieting and cardio. VasoBurn is used on those stubborn fat areas such as the glutes, lower back, abs and so on. It’s suggested to discontinue VasoBurn 5-7 days before your contest or event and begin using VasoDry to pull out any excess water. Don’t Take a Chance on Your Conditioning – Get That Lean, Dry and Ripped Look for Your Contest or Event – Get VasoDry by MPA Supps!

    Topical Water Loss, Diuretic, Increase Sweat.

    • Theobromine
    • Caffeine Anhydrous
    • Theophylline
    • Clear, Clean, Fast drying gel application