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    Blackstone Labs Glycolog provides maximum glycogen storage, and minimizes fat storage from excess carbohydrate intake! This amazing product drives aminos, glycogen and nutrients into the muscles for optimal muscle growth - try a couple of bottles today - Glycolog!   Drives Nutrients Into Muscles
    • Enhances Glucose Metabolism
    • Enhances Glycogen Storage
    • Increases Lean Muscle, Strength & Power
    • Uses Carbs for Muscle Growth, Not Fat Storage
    • Can be Used by both Men and Women
    • Make Carbs Work For You!
    Glycolog by Blackstone Labs is a revolutionary nutrition partitioning agent that will dramatically enhance muscle mass, increase strength and promote recovery by making the carbohydrates you’re taking in work for you, not against you. The days of carbs being stored as fat are over! Now’s the time to take full advantage of the carbs you’re taking in - GlycoLog will make your body an anabolic powerhouse by using carbs to build unmatched growth and strength! How it works: Typically, when you hear the words “high carb diet”, you think fat storage. Similarly, when you hear the words “low carb diet”, you think fat loss and probably fatigue from a low calorie intake. The time has come to change the way you think when it comes to carbohydrates. Glycolog promotes mass and strength gains by regulating the amount of glucose and amino’s that get pulled into the muscle cells. This makes the entire process benefit you! If that sounds good to you, it’s time to get GlycoLog! You may be wondering about the best way to use Glycolog. It’s best used by those on a high carb, high protein “bulking” diet. GlycoLog functions best if it has a lot of carbs to work with. So for optimal results, we suggest taking it with each high carbohydrate meal of the day. Screen reader support enabled.