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    Natural Testosterone boosting LH Complex Increasing testosterone signaling in the testes is accomplished with the following five (5) LH agents:
    • Bulbine Natalensis – South African tubular plant, studied and proven to increase serum testosterone levels substantially, in rats over 245% above baseline. Also, shown to reduce estrogen up to 35% if taken appropriately. It may follow the “U” dosing, in that taking more over long periods can reduce testosterone levels too, so more is not better in this case. Follow as directed. This is highly effective in libido enhancement as well
    • Fadogia Agrestis – African shrubbery, this herb has been used for pro-erectile functions, and to increase libido. The increase in serum testosterone levels shows it’s formidable for pro-testosterone and training enhancement.
    • Tribulus Terrestris – we use high sapponins count and can yield promising results in cardiovascular protection, along with potential as an adaptogen. It’s actually quite an amazing compound for overall health and wellness.
    • Avena Sativa – Considered by many as the “Natural Viagra”, it’s used for Men and Women alike to stimulate arousal. Can increase sexual desire, and restore nerves, promoting a healthy state of mind.
    • Eurycoma Longfolia – Found in Southeast Asian rainforests, prevents the hypothalamus gland from “closing”, allowing unlimited natural testosterone production. The hypothalamus gland controls the amount of natural testosterone produced by the body. Essentially, you are opening the flood gate for natural testosterone production. Renews sexual desire as well.
      Estrogen Blocking Complex Estrogen will always convert from testosterone already present in the body. So if you increase your testosterone, you will have more estrogen conversion. This is why Muscletest controls the aromatization of the testosterone into estrogen. Preventing aromatization equals more usable testosterone.
    • Diindolynmethane – Naturally found in vegetables, mainly of the cruciferous variety. May block estrogen that is occurring in the body. Also has some anti-cancer properties.
    • White Button Mushroom – Inhibits aromatase activity, preventing testosterone from converting to estrogen. Used widely in breast cancer applications to prevent the spread of the disease.
    • Indole 3 Carbinol – sufficiently reduces hormone imbalances. Derived from vegetables and can be combined with the above ingredients for anti-estrogen activitiy.
      TSH and Adrenal Support Blend Energy and mood support plays a critical role for hitting maximum training performance daily. Downward attenuation of natural testosterone, can result in a net “dragging down” effect on the Endocrine system as a whole. Muscletest promotes the thyroid’s production with the 3,5 diidothryonine compound, yielding a greater conversion of the active T3 metabolite. This will greatly enhance mood and well-being, along with metabolic activities. Adrenal support comes in the form of many compounds, most notably Ashwagandha extract, and citrus aurantium. These two form a synergy, regulating the amount of adrenaline released and utilized. Reishi mushroom and green tea form a similar synergy, promoting healthy anti-oxidative properties, while restoring adrenal functions. This is finally a testosterone booster you can feel.   Aphrodisiac Blend and Libido Support Sex drive and increase in pleasure during sex is widely expected from a natural testosterone booster, but not always achieved. In addition to Estrogen blockers to increase free testosterone Muscletest also adds an proven aphrodisiac blend to up you sex drive. Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli) – considered “White Gold”, it has high concentrations of sapponins and polysaccharides. Known as an aphrodisiac and pro-erectile compound. L-Dopa – used to cross the blood brain barrier and increase dopamine levels in the brain. Shown promise at increasing growth hormone potentiation in rats and humans. Deer Antler Extract – Can increase libido and sex drive. – Frees up testosterone and maximizes usable testosterone. Prevents the binding of the sexual hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and allows the body to utilize the testosterone for recovery and metabolic support .   FDA: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.