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    Banish Fat

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    Non Stim, No Jitters. American Metabolix Banish Fat is one of the muscle health supplements that boasts a triple action fat banishing formula with carb control, enhanced blood sugar regulation, and boosted thyroid function available at Body Goods. Our unique blend of Gugglesterones (boosting thryoid function) and vitamin B complex, functions as an incinerator on stored body fat, breaking it down into free fatty acids. Fucoxanthin and acetyl L carnitine then transport and burn these fatty acids, creating energy!   Slim, Tone, & Tighten In order to BANISH fat for good, you must utilize the body’s natural BMR (basal metabolic rate) and fat transport system by harnessing their full strength. This is the most effective way to heighten BMR and release the stubborn belly fat and trunk fat.   Unmatched in blood sugar balancing, our combination of Bitter melon extract and chromium limits carb cravings and controls blood sugar spikes. Because it’s stimulant free, you can even take a dose before bed for all night fat burning.