1st Phorm Micro Factor
1st Phorm Micro Factor

    1st Phorm Micro Factor

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    A top supplement for supreme health and well-being, Body Goods is proud to bring you Micro Factor. 1st Phorm Micro Factor brings together 6 different products into 1 convenient packet to give your body what it needs for a strong immune system and keep it functioning at its very best.   Micro Factor goes FAR beyond what you get from a standard multivitamin.   Each serving of Micro Factor delivers a full dose of:  
    1. Antioxidant – Directly supports the immune system. Free radicals can cause illness and damage your cells. This weakens your body and makes you much more susceptible to catching nasty bugs and viruses. Micro Factor’s potent antioxidant blend works fast to flush free radicals out of your body. This helps increase your immunity and prevent irreversible damage.
    1. Multivitamin – A high-quality multivitamin is the most important supplement you can take to boost your immune system and optimize your metabolism. An effective dose of each essential vitamin and mineral is included to help your body function at its peak. You’ll notice stronger immunity and better energy!
    1. Probiotic – Promotes a healthy gut. These are often overlooked, but are truly important for immunity and overall health. Each serving of Micro Factor delivers an 8-billion organism count of various, heavily-researched strains. This works to balance your gut bacteria. By improving your gut health, your immune system, digestion, and energy levels improve.
    1. CoQ10 – A powerful antioxidant to help your body produce more cellular energy and help improve cardiovascular function. CoQ10 helps boost heart health by reducing blood pressure and improving blood flow.
    1. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) – With our diet, environment, and lifestyle today, inflammation is at an all-time high. This inflammation suppresses your immune system and makes recovery much more difficult. This essential fatty acid blend contains anti-inflammatory omega-3’s. These help lower inflammation to prevent and battle illness, and help maintain a healthy brain, heart, and joints.
    1. Fruit & Veggies – This blend gives you the extra edge you need by providing a diverse, superfood blend. This includes broccoli, kale, spirulina, wheat grass, grape seed extract, and so much more! The extra nutrients offer an advantage for battling bugs by preparing your immune system, promoting natural detox, and strengthening the gut.
      All of these work together to address every area of the body. If you want to feel your best & have a strong immune system all year long, add Micro Factor to your daily routine!*