At Home High Intensity Workout

by Body Goods Nutrition Admin on August 31, 2021

At Home HIIT Guide

We all know that life can get busy. Things pop up and may limit time to workout. Don’t use that as an excuse to skip a training day though. Here is a quick and simple At-Home High Intensity Interval Training circuit that will take no longer than 30 minutes to complete when done properly.

In order for this to qualify as High Intensity you need to push through the circuit. On a scale from 1-10 of intensity, you should be at a 9. If you are a beginner to HIIT then attempt to hit the recommended time and reps but listen to your body to prevent any injuries.


Exercise Circuits Reps/Seconds
Plank 4 30s/30s/30s/30 
Push-Ups 4 12/12/12/12
High-Knees 4 12/12/12/12 
Jump Squats 4 10/10/10/10
Jumping Lunges  4 10/10/10/10


Start off with holding a plank for 30 seconds. Immediately after, do 12 push ups. Then you’re going to jump up into high knees. 12 reps, 6 on each side. Then again, immediately begin doing 10 reps of jump squats. Finish up with alternating jumping lunges. 10 reps, 5 on each side. Rest 30 seconds – 1 minute and then repeat the circuit a total of 4 times.

If the time and reps become to easy then feel free to add time to your planks and reps to the other exercises. Just make sure to focus on the movements and minimize breaks from exercise to exercise.


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