Top Reasons To Add Plant Based Protein To Your Diet.

by Body Goods Nutrition Admin on August 31, 2021

1. Digestion. If your digestion is slow and difficult, it can cause malabsorption and stomach problems.

  • Most Plant-Based Proteins don’t have allergens so most people, if not everyone, can easily digest it. It is also lactose-free so people sensitive to lactose will have no problem taking it.

2. Quality. Quality Protein usually comes down to two things: how quickly it is digested and what it is made up of.

  • Proteins made up of brown rice and peas contain plenty of all nine essential amino acids to help your muscles recover and grow.

3. Extra Nutrients. This refers to the other macronutrients found in protein supplements such as Carbs and Fats. Whether to drop body fat or to pack on dry lean mass, macronutrient levels matter.

  • If a Plant-Based Protein contains any other macronutrient it would be in the form of complex carbs. Plants don’t naturally contain refined sugars or saturated fat making them a great alternative to other types of protein.

4. Nutrient Density. When a food is full of Protein, Vitamins, and/or Minerals and is relatively low in calories then it is considered nutrient dense. This is an optimal environment for building dry lean mass.

  • Plant-Based Protein naturally comes packed with extra nutrients such as B Vitamins, Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Selenium, and Zinc. They naturally absorb minerals from the soil and those nutrients are included in their supplement forms.

5. Guilt-Free Gainz.

  • We suggest Protein + Superfoods by Nutraleaf. Take a look on the link below.

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