A Guide To Different Protein Options.

by Melanie Morales on August 12, 2022

Protein is a crucial supplement that everyone should take! Whether you are trying to put on more muscle or lose body fat, protein is essential. Protein makes up absolutely everything in your body and is critical to your energy and the oxygen fluctuation in your blood. This makes it extremely important to not only your body composition but your overall health! Let’s get started by looking at the different types of protein and what they could do for you.

The first type of protein is classic whey protein. This is a fast digesting substance which 
means it’s great to take post-workout. Whey protein comes in many different forms. The most common is a whey isolate. An isolate protein usually has low carbs, low calories, and less fat. This type of whey is fast digesting and keeps those cravings away by keeping you fuller for longer. This is a great option if you would like to drop body fat while also gaining more muscle or if you're looking for help in reaching that protein goal. Remember, more muscle = faster metabolism.

The next protein to consider would be casein. Casein is amazing for putting on some more lean muscle. It’s slow digesting, this is beneficial because it provides your body with a steady release of amino acids. This makes it ideal to take before bed as it helps you recover in your sleep. Recovery equals growth! Growth equals strength!

Lastly, a meal replacement product could be something that fits your lifestyle better. Meal r
eplacements are best for gaining a larger amount of muscle and weight. These are also super helpful if you have trouble getting your meals in throughout the day. The protein source can vary and come from plants, beef, and or dairy (whey). These can also include protein heavy foods such as eggs, chicken, beef, and salmon. All the good stuff! These are rich in calories, getting enough calories everyday is essential to gaining more muscle and putting on more size.

Consuming enough protein is one of the most important things you can do to gain and keep muscle. Whatever your fitness goals are, protein is something everyone should take. There are a number of options for everyone's needs. Stay tuned for our next blogs where we’ll help YOU find the best protein to reach the best version of yourself.


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